Wednesday, November 24, 2010

These Boots are Made for...

...eating! We're continuing Midtown Manhattan week with pizza from Two Boots:

That's their Mrs. Peel on a whole wheat crust with added artichoke hearts. They also make the Earth Mother vegan (cheeseless) sometimes, but that doesn't seem to be an option if you order from Seamlessweb. Also, the minimum pizza order is a small pie (four slices) via Seamlessweb, so you may want to save it for when you're doing lunch with someone or totally starving (or have a place to store extra pizza).

I like the Mrs. Peel because the breadcrumbs on in thicken the sauce up a bit making it almost creamy. It also has massive hunks of garlic on it, which makes me all kinds of happy. The crust is nice and thin and crispy and they're pretty generous with the vegetables. Without any additions, a small Mrs. Peel is $11, and most people can get two meals out of it, making it a really good value for Midtown.

Today's furry friend is Margie!

Margie (not Margaret, Marjorie or Marginald. Just Margie), a fancy hamster, is the newest addition to the household and she's way too curious about cell phones to be photographed by one without blurring.

Lola clearly does not approve of her shenanigans.

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