Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Meal So Nice...

... I ate it twice!

OK, that's not really such a big deal. I eat a lot of the same thing over and over again because most recipes serve at least four and I usually cook for one, but I liked the rhyme. Recently, dinner was chickpea cutlets with mashed potatoes, gravy and steamed broccoli. The next day, I rolled it all up and took it for lunch as a wrap. It tasted far better than it looked!

Let's talk about that gravy for a moment, shall we? Since it's Chickpea Week, I used none other than the Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy from Vegan With a Vengeance. This was my first time making it. It's delicious! I used a pretty big lemon, so it had a bit of a sour kick to it and just the right amount of nutritional yeast to not overpower the chickpeas and spices. Let's look at it in all it's chunky glory:

I swear I could eat it with a spoon (but haven't - yet).

For the curious, here's how I put the wrap together to keep things from falling in my lap:

Then roll it up like you see above and enjoy!


panda with cookie said...

I highly recommend eating that gravy with a spoon. If I do anything for Thanksgiving this year I must make it.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so awesome! I wish I could buy it at the cafeteria I would get it every day.

Anonymous said...

it does not look bad at all. I would love a wrap of mash potatoes for lunch.