Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meat and Potatoes

Oh hi! You're here! It's still Chickpea Week, so I think it's time to break out the recipe that had everyone going crazy back when Veganomicon came out: chickpea cutlets.

I think these cutlets are kind of like the vegan answer to schnitzel, without any fake meat stuff in them. The combination of vital wheat gluten and mashed chickpeas makes them firm and chewy enough to need a good knife when eating them. They're also good in sandwiches. They're perfect comfort food on a cold night with mashed potatoes and gravy (more on that tomorrow). Add something green (I steamed some broccoli) and you've got all your nutritional bases covered. I baked mine, lining the pan with parchment so I didn't have to use any oil at all. It takes longer, but I think I like them better that way (and they're healthier, of course).

So yeah, I love this recipe. A lot. It's another chickpea-based staple in my house. Want proof?

The more I like a dish, the messier the recipe page is. This page of Veganomicon actually crunches when I try to turn it. Maybe it's the ghosts of cutlets past.

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Anonymous said...

I love those cutlets! My husband has been asking for them so I have a feeling they may be part of my VeganMoFo posts soon.