Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Much Food

I think I should point out that the meals you're seeing here aren't all that indicative of what I usually get for lunch. I almost never get dessert and I often get soup or a sandwich, but rarely both. I want to present a good sampling of what these places have to offer, though, so I'm splurging a bit (and sometimes finishing lunch for dinner).

Today's Midtown Manhattan lunch came from FreeFoods NYC.

That's their Miso Mustard Glazed Tempeh Ruben. It's good, but since I'm used to places like Terri and 'SNice, I'm not sure if it's $11 worth of good. Even with the avocado. But those beautiful grill lines definitely count for something.

I really wanted to try their vegetable pistou, but they were out of it, so I got the slow roasted tomato soup. Still good, but a very small portion for the price. It was definitely everything one usually wants out of tomato soup, but that's not saying all that much, is it?

The vegan chocolate chip brownie is a really good size, but it's also really dry and crumbly. You know how when you bake something amazing and you tell some people it's vegan, they say "Holy crap! I never would have guessed!"? If you tell those people this is vegan, they'd say "Well, I guess that explains it". It's not bad, but I can make better at home.

FreeFoods serves meat, but in addition to these vegan options, also has a substantial raw selection and vegan ice cream and muffins. I tried the ice cream ages ago and cannot, in good conscience, recommend it. I won't say don't buy it, in case I just got a dud.

Meet Lola, our resident tripod (despite what this photo may lead you to believe, her missing appendage is in the back):

She's super energetic and you'd never know she's missing a leg by watching her run and jump. Her hobbies include having her teeth brushed, chasing feathers, figuring out how to turn on the bedroom lights and stalking Tabby and punching her in the face.


Jeni Treehugger said...

Lola is a BEAUTY!

radioactivegan said...

I am always impressed by the energy and activity level of three-legged animals. Her eyes are almost big enough to be in a cartoon, too!