Monday, November 29, 2010

The Home Stretch

We're in it. There are just two days left to VeganMoFo, so I'm going rogue! Yes, there will be no theme this week! I'm just going to post...stuff!

Today's stuff: pumpkin gingerbread cookies I made for Halloween:

Wow, that photo didn't look nearly as blurry while on my phone. Sorry about that.

I used this recipe. It was good, but the bake time was a little long for me, so my first few batches (the recipe makes a LOT of cookies) were pretty burnt. I didn't have time to wait for the cookies to cool, make icing and wait for it to set, so I used toasted pumpkin seeds for my decoration. All the cookies looked like surprised anime characters (there were also cats and a couple of other shapes). In case you're wondering about the helmet and football, those were for a friend who missed watching his game to hang out. As for the dinosaurs...everyone loves dinosaurs. Are you really questioning dinosaur cookies?

OK, fine. I have a bucket of 101 cookie cutters, and I'm determined to use them all, regardless of whether or not they're appropriate.

We also had lollipops from


Then, once we were full of sugar, we ran around Manhattan dressed like gangs from The Warriors:

Good times.

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panda with cookie said...

Warriors! Come out and playyyyy!