Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Epic Post of Epic Epicness!

Hey there! It's time to check out one of my favorite comics and the best movie no one saw this summer: Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim!

Scott Pilgrim is [a 23-year-old Canadian slacker dude in a band who's] dating Knives Chau [a 17-year-old who attends a Catholic high school - with the uniform and everything] until he meets the literal girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers [an American living in Toronto and delivering for who travels via the Subspace Highway through Scott's head while he's asleep]. Got that? In case that wasn't confusing enough, before he can date Ramona, Scott has to defeat her seven evil exes. Hilarity ensues.

These books are great. Scott's a bit of a dick, but he's so clueless you'll probably like him anyway. The writing is fun and most of the characters speak the way regular people do (if a bit exaggeratedly), not like superheroes. The art is fun and clearly references the Japanese anime/manga style, but it's stylized just enough to be clearly O'Malley's.

My first three posts this week all featured people being given shit for preferring not to eat meat. All that changes today!

Hooray for inclusiveness! Seriously, you guys. Those few panels there made me so happy. Which was only topped by the fact that O'Malley actually included a vegan recipe in his comic book, which I will share with you below (as usual, click to enlarge the pictures. And I apologize for the shitty scan. And if you're Bryan Lee O'Malley or a representative of Oni Press, sorry for scanning it at all. I just want to share it with people and encourage them to buy it. You can't argue with that, right? Please?).

Scott makes an excellent point. That's the real reason I volunteer with Food Not Bombs.

I used just enough wine to deglaze my pan, a loaf of the steamed red seitan from Viva Vegan, instead of fake meat and some leftover Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy from Vegan With a Vengeance instead of gravy mix and soy milk (don't worry, it was frozen; I haven't been putting rancid gravy on all my food since last week). I baked it for a bit, then popped it under the broiler for about ten minutes.

It was actually pretty good! My biggest gripe with the recipe was that the ratio of potato to filling was too high for my taste (and I LOVE mashed potatoes). Other than that, I see no reason not to make it again. However, it photographed so poorly that it's just not worth including in this post and making people scroll through in their RSS feeds. If you want to see a shitty picture of a piece of shepherd's pie, click.

Not only that, but Stephen Stills (mostly known as The Talent) and Scott both work at a vegetarian restaurant called The Happy Avocado. And no one calls them hippies.

The funniest part of the whole series (for me), may be Todd Ingram, Ramona's third evil ex. He's vegan, didn't you know? Graduated top of his class from vegan academy and everything. According to Todd, most people only use 10% of their brain because the other 90% is filled up with curds and whey. Since he's vegan, Todd can use 100% of his brain, giving him psychic vegan powers that basically turn him into a crazy anime hero and making him better than everyone (obviously). And that, my dears, is science.

I've been vegan for about three years and haven't exhibited any super powers yet, but I'll keep you all abreast of any developments.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I loved the movie but I haven't read the comic now I really want too. said...

That's so awesome, I haven't read the comics yet but the film was rad & the vegan scene made me & Nick laugh - a lot!