Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get a Life!

The Vegan Girl's Guide to Life, that is.

I had the chance to hang out with Melisser and pick up her book (and Kelly Paloza's The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur) at their signing at Champs Family Bakery, a few weeks ago. Yup, NYC got another vegan bakery. I sampled a small fraction of what they had on offer and while I didn't LOVE everything, I really liked most things (hellooooo pumpkin cream cheese candied nut other crazy business crumb cake!), which is more than I can say for most places.

Check out VGGTL's 3-bean chili:

It's a pretty basic chili, yummy and hearty, just like it should be. And I don't usually put carrots in my chili, so that's something new. It's probably not the best recipe to represent the book (which is fabulous - you should totally check it out. In addition to recipes, it's got knitting patterns, crafty things, interviews, makeup tips and all sorts of other awesome info. It's amazing for new vegans or people trying to incorporate more vegetables into their diets, but could also be useful for more experienced vegans. AND DUDES! It's definitely not just for vegan girls), but this was the first meal I made in this kitchen, so I wanted to keep it simple, fast and relatively tidy. This recipe can't be beat for that.

The signing was totally rad. I got to reconnect with some people I hadn't seen in ages, meet some new people whose names I'll never remember and eat vegan strawberry cheesecake brownies. What more could one want? If your answer is karaoke and Mexican food, you're in luck because we afterpartied at Papacitos. That's the place to go if you want vegan chimichangas at 2 AM.

Awesome times.

Thus concludes VeganMoFo 2010. I guess I have a thing for closing MoFo by talking about how great it is to hang out with the local vegan crew (and imports). That's definitely a tradition I'd like to continue! I can't believe we made it all the way to the end already. Though I've been kind of shitty about reading and commenting. I'll probably be catching up on that until mid-2011, but I'm going to try!

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