Saturday, November 3, 2007

Remix Primavera

I was quite the busy bee last Sunday. After I finished making the Herbed Winter Vegetable Roast, I "invented" my first recipe ever. I call it Remix Primavera.

Remix Primavera is spaghetti squash topped with left over vegetables from VWAV's awesome vegetable broth.

I used these instructions to prepare the spaghetti squash, halving it lengthwise, sticking it in the microwave then scraping the crap out of it with a fork. I heated my portion of leftover vegetables for two minutes, also in the microwave, before throwing them on top of the squash.

Total prep time: 20ish minutes

Outcome: Light taste but filling. The vegetables absorb the wonderful flavor of the broth and release some of the liquid when heated up. The squash absorbs the broth, turning the whole thing into a giant pile of yum. I ate it at room temperature because I took it with me to see Across the Universe (I liked some parts, hated others, didn't make me run screaming from the theater, so that's something, isn't it?) and ended up engaged in conversation with the man next to me about the merits of my meal versus his M&M Peanuts. He wanted my Remix. About a cup and a half of the Remix (one whole spaghetti squash + vegetables) was enough to keep me full through the movie, wandering about town with my friends and a concert (The Go! Team, who were awesome, but their openers sucked).

I also roasted the seeds from the spaghetti squash with the butternut and acorn squash seeds (I can't tell the difference between them. Can you?).

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