Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Soup of the Evening, Beautiful, Beautiful Soup!

I'm starting this blog with entries about what led up to me wanting to keep it. This post is backdated to approximately the date it happened.

You can't go straight back to eating heavy, solid foods when you finish the Master Cleanse. You start off with fresh squeezed orange juice, then vegetable broth, vegetable soup, salad, and finally whatever you want. Since the vegetable soup/broth was going to be the first thing I've cooked for myself (and the first thing I'd eaten in a month and a half), I wanted it to be a good one and chose the Golden Vegetable Broth from VWaV. I doubled the recipe and ate it clear on the first day, then added the vegetables back in as I went along on other days. The only other variation on the recipe I made was a bit of extra garlic and I peeled the onion but not the carrots and parsnips.

This soup is SO GOOD. And not just because I hadn't eaten for 45 days. I'm not one for serious relationships, but I would marry this soup. Aside from the broth being fabulously tasty, the vegetables all absorb the amazing flavor of the broth and are wonderful even by themselves, which is a good thing because it yields a TON of vegetables. I'm currently almost done with my broth and still have a few quarts of vegetables in the freezer, waiting to be devoured.

I'm definitely going to make this again. I probably want to make sure I have the necessary ingredients and at least one portion of finished soup on hand at all times. I think I'll add zucchini and celery next time.

Reserved vegetable goodness. The colors! The colors!

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jodi said...

I made this soup--totally improvised and added potatoes, celery, zucchini and squash. I bought a pre-packaged thing to make soup which included parsley, dill, parsnip, turnip, carrots and leak--and that was perfect and made the process that much easier. I definitely recommend this soup--its easy and delicious!