Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunac Sushi

This isn't really related to the point of this post, but I'd like to share an observation: around Thanksgiving, soft tofu is the first thing to sell out in this town. During the past two weeks or so, I went to Pathmark, Stop N Shop, Cross Island Fruit (Long Island), Sunac (Brooklyn), Klein's, Whole Foods Chelsea, Whole Foods Union Square, Trader Joe's and some other grocery store (Manhattan) before finding it in the Union Square Food Emporium. If you want soft tofu this week, get there by noon.

Anyway, I've obviously been cooking for myself lately and haven't really been eating much preprepared or restaurant food. However, when I went to Sunac for the tofu on Monday, I saw this sushi and it called me.

Please allow me to elaborate on the awesomeness of this sushi.

I was probably the only barbarian left who'd never had brown rice sushi before. It was SO GOOD. Despite being in the fridge case (probably all day), the rice was still fairly tender...or they put enough sesame seeds on it to hide what wasn't.

I love inari so much. The bigger the inari, the happier I am. Look at how big and puffy those things are! And they were full of brown rice too! I was ever so much the happy camper.

I adore asparagus in sushi (and other things, but especially in sushi). After avocado, it's probably my favorite sushi filling, so consider me joyed. I'd never had sprouts or broccoli in it before either. The sprouts were a nice touch, but the broccoli was a little dry (and I don't use soy sauce on sushi. I'm considering trying Nama Shoyu on it one day, but really, I like it as is, so why add the salt?).

Two points for cheap, tasty, healthy, fast convenient vegan food.


Anonymous said...

Brown rice sushi? I guess I'm the next barbarian to never have eaten or heard of it before. It's not even THOUGHT of amongst these parts, let alone sold in stores or restaurants. o_O We're white-rice eaters here in L.A. (so far). It may have something to do with a strong diverse Asian population that still needs to get used to the rice itself, let alone roll it into sushi. (Srsly, my mum's trying to get into it since it's healthier and a better alternative for a diabetic like her; she can't get it cooked right.)

Seitan Said Dance said...

Interesting. I always thought the left coast was ahead of us with most healthy stuff. It's really good, you should definitely try it if given the opportunity.

Birder said...

This looks delicious!

I also LOVE asparagus in sushi. I was wondering if you know how to prepare it to be used this way? Do you use it raw, blanch it, etc.?