Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kind of a Big Deal

The rest of the Sea Shepherd NYC crew and I have been working hard on this for a while, so I'm pretty excited it's finally happening:

Yup, Friday, May 4, Paul Watson's going to be in town for a swanky Sea Shepherd birthday party!

It's going to be rad. We've got some amazing auction items and gift baggy type things lined up, and in addition to Paul, several other crew members and Cove Guardians (like me!) will be there, shmoozing about all things related to shepherding the sea.

There will be food! Drinks! Music! Door prizes! Auctions! Action! Adventure! *Romance!

Point your mouse clicker here to get your tickets while the getting's good: https://my.seashepherd.org/NetCommunity/SSLPage.aspx?pid=541

*Romance not guaranteed.

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