Thursday, March 8, 2012

We are all Cove Guardians

My last full day in Taiji, a few of us headed into town to film our parts for this video. I hate being on camera and public speaking, but I hate the senseless slaughter of living beings even more. And I liked the idea of standing around in front of a whaling vessel and discretely flipping it off. Research my ass.

If you can, please share that video. Tweet it, Facebook it, Tumbl it, post a response video on YouTube, make some calls, send some emails, whatever it takes to spread the message that what's happening is not OK and you won't stand for it. It's up to all of us to protect our planet and together, we can all be Cove Guardians.

I'm back home now, which means back at Occupy Wall Street. Last night, I made my first meeting of the Animal Issues working group in a while. We've got a lot going on. Most notably, we'll be presenting a wide range of workshops at the Brooklyn Food Conference on Saturday, May 12 on topics ranging from animal agriculture and the environment to food and free trade issues to bringing plant based diets to urban communities of color. Should be rad. Hope to see you there.

I was just about to post this when I read this bit of good news: the Japanese whaling fleet has called it quits for the year thanks to Sea Shepherd (again)!

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