Monday, April 30, 2012

In Our Own Back Yard

When I returned home from Taiji and told people what I witnessed and experienced, their immediate response was the expected horror and revulsion, often followed by a bizarre sense of relief and superiority. The dolphin slaugher happened there. That could never happen here. We are civilized. We would never invest government funds to indiscriminately kill wildlife, intelligent animals with families and relationships, and feed their potentially hazardous flesh to people who have no choice but to eat it.



Under the pretense of aviation safety and charitable acts, the USDA has been killing Canada geese in NYC parks and saying they will feed the goose meat to homeless and other needy people. Really.

Back in 2009, migrating Canada geese were blamed for taking down the "Miracle on the Hudson" (from which everyone escaped safely), despite the craft's history of engine trouble. Mayor Bloomberg's response was to arrange a contract between the DEP and USDA to slaughter local, non-migrating, Canada geese on city property.

I could go on and on about why this makes no damn sense, but thankfully, someone else has done it for me:

Check out their website here:

Then sign up to help. The wonderful people of GooseWatch are looking for people who live near NYC's parks and are willing to keep an eye on them and let us know when the USDA is there so we can document what they do, bear witness and hopefully discourage it from ever happening again.

If you would like to get involved, or just keep up on what's going on, please contact GooseWatch at

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