Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom Lunch

Yup, I'm still talking about my mother's new eating habits. I'm proud of her, dammit. And it gives me something to do while I detox. Here's a lunch I made her last week:

(I didn't use flash or play with this picture in Photoshop in any way, so the brightness of those carrots is scaring me a little).

It's the hummus recipe from Veganomicon and every child's (except me*) favorite snack: ants on a log. I made it cute to take a picture, and planned on scooping it all into a container so she could bring it to work for lunch. But, like a total Mom, she ooed and ahed over how cute it was, wrapped the whole plate in plastic wrap, and that's how she took her lunch to work.

Of the few hummus recipes I've tried, this one is definitely my favorite. I'm not very consistent, so it comes out a little differently each time, but this time smelled the best of all the times I've made it. and the texture was just perfect. Nice and smooth, a nice hint of garlic and I was more generous with the cumin than usual. She shared it with her coworkers, many of whom are Israeli and make their own hummus from family recipes, and they all loved it. If there's any left by the time I'm done detoxing, my mother is going to have to fight me for it!

On a more administrative note, I'm still trying to improve the pictures I'm posting. The light box works pretty well for making the pictures more sharp, but it's definitely too small; the edges are visible in all the pictures, which is unattractive! Also, the color is still all sorts of weird, which I try to tweak a little in Photoshop, but I don't know much about that. But slow improvement is better than none, right? If anyone has any tips for this kind of thing, I'd be grateful.

* I'd eat celery all day if you let me, but I never liked rasins or peanut butter. I couldn't understand why anyone would ruin a perfectly good vegetable with that nastiness. I'm getting better about eating them as I get older, though.