Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vegan Bake Sale Day 1

We held our first bake sale on Sunday and things went surprisingly smoothly. We started a bit late, the weather sucked, chocolatey things got a bit melty due to the humidity and we had a small coffee accident, but other than that, smooth as silken tofu.

Before I talk about the past, a quick reminder about the future:

Our next bake sale is going to be even bigger and better*, and it's this Sunday, June 28, starting around 11 AM**.

Open Source Gallery
Park Slope, Brooklyn
251 17th Street, right off of 5th Avenue, one block east of the Prospect Avenue M/R station and convenient from the B63 bus
In addition to Panda With Cookie's apron and the signed Vegan Brunch cookbooks we're raffling off, we'll also have some thematic handmade accessories by Adrienne Dee-Olsen on hand.

The profits are still going to Farm Sanctuary and Sea Shepherd.

Now back to the fun stuff. Here's what we had up for sale:

Cranberry orange muffins
Lemon poppy seed muffins
Toasted coconut mango muffins
Apple rosemary scones
Banana bread
Vanilla agave sweetened cupcakes
Green tea cupcakes
Lemon cupcakes
Chocolate gluten free cupcakes
Low fat vanilla cupcakes
Chocolate mint cupcakes
Raspberry chocolate chip blondies
Almond cookies
Gingerbread cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Chewy peanut butter-banana-Peanut Chew (TM)-chunk oatmeal cookies
Mocha chip cookies
Mint chocolate cupcakes
Butterscotch chip cupcakes
Chocolate doughnut holes
Apricot almond doughnut holes

Most of those were made from the recipes in Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero's wonderful books because while most of my friends and I love to bake and are good at it, we're not ready for our own recipes, yet. The exceptions would be Kittee's banana bread recipe, the big, chunky cookies made by sarchan from The PPK, and the doughnut holes. Kind of. They were made out of globs of cakes that didn't pan out (the cake recipes were from VCTOTW).

We sold out of almost everything we made and raised about $500. What we didn't sell Sunday, our coworkers bought Monday. Business came from many sources. Vegans who read about the bake sale online came to the area specifically for it, while people who live in the area stopped by to see what was up and got some treats. My favorite part of the day was probably when a parent told his young son he could pick out whatever he wanted and the kid asked for one dollar to buy a Sea Shepherd button. That boy is going places. Also awesome: a mother who bought a whole load of stuff and asked about cooking tips and recipes so she could cook for her newly-vegetarian daughter.

But you probably don't care about that, you want to see the pretty, right? Let's go.

Agave sweetened cupcakes:

Gingerbread cookies:

A raffle prize by Panda With Cookie:

Orange cranberry muffins:

Chocolate chip cookies:

The Shroud of Vegan (the hand of the divine guided us to leave part of the coffee maker out when making our second pot of the day. See the face?):

Green tea and chocolate gluten free cupcakes:

Mocha chip cookies:

Apple rosemary scones:

Low fat cupcakes:

More pictures are over at Flickr.

And that's a wrap. Hope to see you Sunday! Remember: the gallery is indoors, so if it's raining, we'll keep you dry!

*We'll be making some of the things we had last week, like the blondies and brownies, but also heaps of new things like cappuccino cupcakes and hand-held pies.

*Last week, we were around until at least 8 PM, so don't skip the sale if you can only come late. If you want to make sure we're there before coming out, you can always email or Twitter at me, or comment here. I'll be checking it all throughout the day.