Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meal Fit For a King

Damn. I can't believe I've been keeping this blog for so long and still haven't fixed the layout. It's so ugly. I swear I'll get around to it one day. Really. Honest.

Thankfully, none of you are here for my graphic design skills (or the lack thereof), you're here for food.

Have I mentioned how great Yellow Rose Recipes is? Not today? Well, it's great. Even today. Every day. The last day I used it, I made the Pasta E Fagioli and White Beans and Kale. It was a meal fit for a king...or at least a Soprano.

The Pasta Fazool was great. I had a load of fusilli on hand, so I didn't bother buying the recommended twisty pasta. I guess we can call it Fusilli Fazool. Fazooli? Whatever. Unfortunately, my local Whole Foods didn't have the dry beans needed, so I went with canned. I didn't add any salt, though, so it was still good. I topped it with some of the vegan parm from the same book, and it was delightful.

Remember my spinach confusion and the suggestion I try kale instead? I did. I LOVE it. I bought more than needed to make the White Beans and Kale and have been using it as a base for salads ever since. Hooray for kale!

Also, hooray for this recipe. The white beans really complement the kale, which is even tastier than usual after marinating in lemon juice for hours. It also takes about ten seconds to put together (kale doesn't cook that long), so it's a great side to make after work or on a busy day. Please to be eating this. You will thank me (but really, thank Joanna. She made a wonderful book full of awesomeness).

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