Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AIDS Walk 2008

OK, this isn't food related, but it's important, so I'm posting it here anyway.

On May 18, I'll be participating in the 2008 AIDS Walk New York and would really appreciate your support.

I'm sure everyone reading this probably knows approximately 478329 people walking, but even if every person reading this just pledged $1, I think we'd raise at least three whole dollars. So yeah, every little bit helps.

And! If you're cool with giving me a mailing address (or are in the NYC area), I'll bake you something if you contribute. Seriously. And if you can't sponsor me because you're walking yourself, I'll bake you something too. My guess is it'll be cookies or muffins because I think those would be easiest to ship, but one never knows!

Donations go here, please.


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