Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quiche Me, You Fool!

I love quiche. Now. I don't know if I ever had quiche, pregan. If I did, it would have been about sixteen years ago, and I probably didn't like it at all because I didn't like eggs. Tofu quiche, on the other hand is the stuff dreams are made of. In fact, the quiche section is one of the most awesome parts of Vegan Brunch (which has lots of awesome parts). So when a quiche recipe was posted to test for Vegan in the Sun, my excitement was palpable (to me).

In my excitement, I may have overcooked it a bit, but hell, no one's perfect.

This is a spinach scallion quiche with a firm tofu base. I didn't make a crust because I was tired and lazy.

As you can see, despite being overcooked and dried out on top it turned out a little looser and wetter than most quiche in the middle (I actually had to push the filling in with my finger before taking the picture because it went a little splat when I plated it), but it's still damn tasty. The looseness makes it kind of sort of almost like a scramble, and I love scramble, so a dish that's a quiche/scramble is awesome. Also, it's got greens in, which always gives me the joy.

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Mihl said...

That looks so good! I used to make quiche all the time before I went vegan. Vegan quiches are different to me, but it doesn't mean they are inferior. I could eat them all the time! And yours looks very delicious.