Sunday, January 22, 2012

WVBS T-Shirt Contest!

Remember the Herbivore Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale t-shirts? They were awesome, but now they're gone. So we want to print a NEW WVBS t-shirt. Designed by YOU. Here's how it works:

1. Send your design to by February 19, 2012.
2. One week later, we'll announce two winners!
3. We'll create tee shirts (and maybe other products down the road, such as aprons) emblazoned with the winning design, and sell them on the new WVBS Zazzle store (in progress). We'll proudly and enthusiastically mention the designer and link to their websites or portfolios in the product descriptions. Of course, the winners get free tee shirts.
4. Profits from the sales will go to Compassion for Animals, to help with the cost of running and promoting the WorldwideVegan Bake Sale.

All the fine print and details are here: <CLICK> and if you have any other questions, just email! Happy shirting!

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