Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Bake Sale!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make Sea Shepherd NYC's vegan bake sale a fabulous success (especially MooShoes, Babycakes, Lifethyme and Terri). We raised almost $4,000 for Operation No Compromise! I'll post a wrap up of that one soon, but first, in case you couldn't make it, or it whet your appetite for another one, Darwin Animal Doctors is holding a Valentine's Day bake sale at MooShoes on Saturday, February 12! I won't be there, but my famous pepperoni pizza pretzels will be, so get there early.

Darwin Animal Doctors provides comprehensive veterinary care for the animals of the Galapagos Islands. We're committed to saving animals, and the Galapagos. Our veterinary clinics span the islands of the Galapagos, and we are strategically located on the most populated island, the largest island, and the capital city island. On San Cristobel Island, the capital city island of Galapagos, we sit as a board member on the office of invasive species control.

Also, they're kind of awesome. So stop by next Saturday and get some sweets for your sweetie (and yourself...Friends...Family...Coworkers...Enemies...).