Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey Look!

More cookies!

Vanilla and chocolate thumbprints from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur.
I love the holidays because they give me an excuse to bake all the time. This batch of cookies was meant to be a Christmas present for one of my coworkers and  the baked goods I promised people who sponsored me in Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals (I'm slow but I'm getting there!). Turned out the two batches made so many cookies I was also able to share some with my friend in the hospital, her mother, my family and still have some for breakfast. And they took under an hour to make! Win.

The chocolate cookies are amazing. They're so rich and fudgy! I used raspberry preserves and chocolate with raspberry is pretty much my favorite flavor combination ever, so I may be biased about how good these cookies are, but I really think you need to try this recipe.

The vanilla ones are really good. Not as amazing as the chocolate, but light and nice and look kind of Christmassy since they're red and white.

I've made four recipes from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur in the last two weeks. I think that's a record for me (not counting recipe testing). I'm really glad I didn't skip it! Overall, the recipes are good, with the chocolate ones being downright excellent. If you or someone you love likes cookies, pick it up (and yes, I have Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar as well, and it's not too many cookie recipes, honest).

If you're worried that woman cannot live on cookies alone, fear not! I've been eating real food as well. But it's December in NYC, so that's mostly soups and stews and this is so much prettier and more bloggable. I recently made the veggie lentil soup from Appetite For Reduction, and it was great. It was my first time working with French lentils and I love them. Definitely going to work those into more things. I also made Isa's Red Lentil Thai Chili which is fucking awesome. Picture chili with Thai red curry paste, coconut milk and sweet potatoes. Sound weird? It's not, it's awesome. I made it three days ago and my mother has already requested more, which is high praise indeed these days (she's been eating more meat since breaking her arm because she thinks it's easier. I think it's just more familiar).

In case I don't post again before then, happy holidays everyone! May your days be full of love and deliciousness!

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