Monday, November 2, 2009

A Very Dandy Halloween (Part I)

I wasn't raised celebrating Halloween, so I never really worried about it much, but even I can recognize the guiding hand of fate when it brings Dandies to my local supermarket just days before the holiday. We spent Halloween night at home, warm, cozy and out of the rain, indulging in all sorts of sugary sweet treats.

Note: We at SSD HQ kind of went for quantity over quality this weekend. Loads of treats were made, but the lightbox didn't make an appearance even once. Sorry for the shitty photographs, but I think they still get the deliciousness across.

Dandies were kind of a big deal at our house this weekend. Not only am I vegan, but my whole family is kosher, so we never had real marshmallows. To say kosher marshmallows suck, kind of insults sucky things. No matter how fresh they are, they always have this sort of dry crustiness about them. The only way to eat them, is shown in the photo above. Anything other than totally on fire is a severe disappointment.

So we burnt a few Dandies, just for old time's sake, before we got down to the serious business of marshmallows: S'mores!

I thought I was going to have to make my own graham crackers, but my mother came through with honey-free crackers at the last minute. Score! We used those, Dandies and some Green & Black's Organic 85% dark chocolate. Inspired by Sweet & Sara, we spread a thin layer of peanut butter on our graham crackers the second time around. Genius!

Then it was cocoa time.

Rich, Ah!Laska organic cocoa made with piping hot soy milk and wee marshmallows. Now I know what I've been missing. Oh, Dandies! Where have you been all my life?

Somehow, we all managed not to go into sugar shock and were able to keep the party going with cookies and other snacks, but let's talk about all that tomorrow. I'm tired.


melissa bastian. said...

Whoa. Next year I am SO coming to your house!

Amey said...

oh yummy yum. What fun. Dandies really are amazing. I'm so glad they exist. When we went camping this year at yosemite, we all had vegan smores, and everyone loved them - vegans and nonvegans alike. Hoorah!

Mihl said...

Those s'mores look fantastic!