Monday, June 25, 2012


So Paul Watson is still under house arrest in Germany. The bad part of that is that he may miss out on some upcoming projects. For example, Sea Shepherd's shark campaign in the South Pacific is due to start next month, and Costa Rica has until mid-August to file their extradition claim.

The good news is that Sea Shepherd has the infrastructure to carry on without him, so all the campaigns will continue, regardless of whether or not Captain Watson is released (which isn't to say that we shouldn't be writing and calling whenever we can to get him the hell out of there). Also, Paul has been making the most of his time in Germany: he was invited on stage at Rock am Ring with Gojira and at Mötley Crüe's German show to raise awareness of Sea Shepherd's work. He also checked out some vessels with one of The Simpsons' creators, and when SSCS returns to the Southern Ocean this winter, the M/V Sam Simon will have joined the fleet!

If you haven't been following Sea Shepherd news for the past month or so and all this extradition and house arrest talk has you a little confused, fear not!

This Saturday, some other local Sea Shepherd volunteers and I will be at Jivamukti Yoga School to explain the situation and what you can do to help and show the film Sharwater which documents the interaction between a Sea Shepherd vessel and shark poaching boat that Captain Watson was arrested for.

For more information and to RSVP, CLICKITY. Hope to see you there!